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NEW! Sida Cordifolia - extra potent batch.

Sida Cordifolia is a powerful thermogenic fat-burner that stimulates the metabolism, suppressing the appetite, and helping the body to burn more calories (mostly fat-calories) throughout the day.

A potent appetite suppressant, Sida Cordifolia contains natural stimulants that make your body burn stored body-fat for energy, reducing your desire for food, and inducing weight loss in three ways:

Firstly, the appetite suppressant effects of Sida Cordifolia enable you to eat less - fewer calories eaten means faster weight loss. But the stimulant effects increase your energy levels and help to burn more calories than usual, a double attack on fat.

Secondly, by increasing your metabolic rate, Sida Cordifolia will make your body burn more stored body-fat (thermogenesis). This means that as your weight drops it will be mainly due to fat loss. Your lean tissue (muscle), which is the basis of your metabolism, will remain high.

The third benefit of Sida Cordifolia is that it makes you feel great!
Sending your energy levels soaring and elevating your mood, it makes you more positive mentally and encourages you to be more active. Keeping a positive and cheerful outlook is a tremendous help when trying to lose weight, it nurtures a feeling of success and happiness about yourself and your ability to achieve the target weight that you want.

Your higher energy levels will also mean you want to move about more, maybe even get into an exercise programme. Whatever you do, more activity means more calories burned!

Note: This product is too strong for those with high blood pressure, heart condition, or any other medical problems.


Highly effective slimming solution



From size 20 (13st.7lb)
to a size 10 (8st.12lb)
- in just 4 months!


Important: As Sida Cordifolia is a natural plant, there can be a wide variation in its strength, depending on growing conditions, which part of the plant is used, and how it is processed.
Most products on the market are about the same strength.

However, the batch of Sida Cordifolia we have currently secured is the strongest, most potent example we have ever tried.

This is a rare occurence, and available on a first come, first served basis. When it's gone it's gone, so get it while you can!
It has a long shelf life (use by 06/09) so will keep for a couple of years. We will certainly be keeping some for our own "personal" supply!

At just £29.95 per jar (90 capsules, 1-2 per day) it also represents great value for money. Plus our extra special discount offer:
Buy Two Jars and Get One Free! Now just £59.90!
UK P&P £1 for 1 jar, £2 for 2 jars or more.